Matt's Munchies fruit leathers are fast becoming one of America's favorites!
  A Must-Have for our East Coast retailers for a few years now ... 
We were among the first to represent the sophisticated, organic, all-natural fruit leathers.  
Matt's Munchies have been in the news, featured on Dr. Oz and Access Hollywood, 
and offer 11 palate-pleasing flavors.  
Certified USDA Organic ... Vegan … Gluten-Free … Dairy-Free … Kosher Pareve.  
No artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives. No artificial anything ... ever! 
Convenient, tasty and nutritious – perfect for snacking on the go!

Discover more than 200 varieties of exquisite organic and wildcrafted black, green, red and herbal teas, 
organic vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks and more than 100 varieties of spices and spice blends 
from the tea, herb and spice specialists at Celebration Herbals.

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Sprout RevolutionTM proprietary Sprouted Flax by PuraVida truly is revolutionary! 
Flaxseed, traditionally, has been commercially available only as a raw seed, milled seed or cold-pressed oil …  until now!
The patented process used by PuraVida changes flax from an essentially indigestible seed to a naturally activated
functional food!  The patented sprouting process – the beginning of the growing process – naturally increases the 
antioxidant content, protecting the polyunsaturated fats from oxidation and naturally stabilizing the essential fatty acids.  
Unlike other flax products, sprouted flax powder is shelf stable at room temperature for over two years 
after opening.  And, Sprout Revolution Flax, available in three tasty flavors, is a "live" food
 – suitable for raw diets – keeping enzymes intact for optimum health!  
Make Sprout Revolution a part of your daily diet for better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.

Honey Ridge Farms is a family business, where a fifth-generation beekeeper works alongside his grandfather tending hives.
The folks at Honey Ridge believe honey is nature's best and most delicious sweetener, providing a full
line of award-winning, all-natural, artisan specialty gourmet honeys and honey-based specialty foods. Their
signature-smooth fruit and spiced Honey Crèmes, featuring deliciously subtle notes of apricot ... blackberry ... cranberry ... lemon ...
raspberry ... clover ... cinnamon and spice ... Award-winning and intriguingly complex aged balsamic-style Honey Vinegars made
entirely from honey, with the original Sofi™ winner Balsamic Honey Vinegar, as well as gourmet Sundried Tomato & Tarragon,
Serrano Chili, and Fire Roasted Chili varieties ... Five delectable selections of Honey Sauces for grilling, glazing and more!
The Honey Ridge Farms unique gourmet collection of artisan honey specialties is unmatched.
And, dedicated to the apiculture industry, Honey Ridge donates a portion of profits for research to promote
bee colony health. Since one-third of our food source depends on honeybee pollination, funding research is
essential to maintaining bee colony health. For more information, visit
Cook's Bison Ranch is a family owned and operated farm located in Wolcottville, Indiana specializing in naturally raised bison.
Members of the National Bison Association, the folks at Cook's do not use growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics or
stimulants of any kind, and they raise their our own hay and grain for feed, as they help to spread the word
about the fantastic flavor and wonderful health benefits of naturally raised American buffalo, or "bison."
Naturally raised, naturally lean, and naturally delicious bison meat is cooked in much the same way
as any other meat, but its taste is richer and more flavorful than many of today's alternatives.
It is lower in fat and cholesterol, and higher in protein, vitamins, and minerals than many other protein sources.
Try Cook's all-natural nitrate- and gluten-free Original Buffalo Jerky ... BBQ ... Cajun ... or Sweet Pepper-flavored ...
and nitrate-free Teriyaki in the convenient individually wrapped .75 oz. size! Grab-n-go is getting healthier!
From farmer's markets, county fairs and craft shows in the heart of America's Heartland to some of the finest gourmet
and specialty shops on the East Coast ... Our newest BBQ offering, the Master's Hand line of
sauces, mustards and barbequed nuts truly is heavenly!
The folks at Master's Hand prepare their delectable creations with the truest of hearts and 
the desire to share dad Steve Beers' family recipes to the delight of BBQ devotees everywhere!
Try traditional and mild Original Taste of Heaven ... Medium Master's Hand
BBQ With Integrity, a sweet-spicy blend ... and hot Fire & Brimstone, if you can take the heat ...
Also try their amazing MVP Mustard / marinade / dipping sauce ... and their divine BBQ Almonds, Cashews and Peanuts ...
With no high fructose corn syrup, no gluten, no MSG ... All Master's Hand products are all-natural, and very, very, very good!

Life of Riley Marketing is pleased to join with CBR Natural Meats in presenting
this unmatched selection of all-natural meats for your most discerning customers.
CBR Natural Meats brings together like-minded farmers and ranchers – folks
from family owned and operated farms and ranches – who provide the purest
quality products because they care about the earth ... and you, the consumer.
All-natural ... grass-fed ... free-range, with sustainable farming
practices and no growth hormones, stimulants or antibiotics.
Our partners believe these things make all the difference. So do we – and so will you.
Click on the CBR logo above to view our new natural meats selections.
Author ... organic expert ... personal chef ... caterer to the stars ... U-Tube sensation ...
California Fusion specialist Chef Elaine B. Good has created Herblends - power-packed powders combining
delectable ethnic and organic ingredients for her fans and the convenience of cooks everywhere!
Take the mystery out of seasoning and fall in love with Herblends ...
Try family-favorite Hertaliana, nine ingredients for a classic Italian flavor perfected by generations ...
All-American Hercajun: 10 special spices, with Louisiana's Arcadian African, Spanish and French influences ...
Herspanic's 13 spices, offering a classic South of the Border flavor profile and authentic Latin American zest ...
or Heroccan's cumin, coriander, cinnamon and cardamom - with 14 more - to unlock the flavors of Morocco ...
Herblends unique spice combinations accentuate flavors, can help diminish cravings for extra
sugar and salt, and can replace an entire cabinet-full of spice jars!
And, Elaine's refined powders' distinctive flavor profiles work for picky eaters
as well as the most sophisticated palates! Try HerBlends today!
At Madison Park Foods, it’s all about the ingredients. From popping seeds to seasonings, Madison Park's
non-GMO, gluten-free, all-natural ingredients represent the finest the world has to offer.
Foodies, families and friends, try Madison Park's most-popular, Petite Maize Popping Corn! A scrumptious gourmet ...
non-GMO ... gluten-free ... whole grain ... good source of fiber! "Grown ... Not engineered," delicious and nutritious
Petite Maize's all-natural kernels are from Madison Park's farmer's own non-hybrid, open-pollinated heirloom varietal corn.
Farmed “the old fashioned way,” in the time-honored and time-sensitive tradition – unlike those of
most other popcorn and popping corn brands on the market today – Petite Maize seeds have
never seen the inside of a laboratory and are about as far from GMO as you can get!
Petite Maize Popping Corn is truly unlike any other popcorn! These slim alabaster seeds produce a small, white,
crunchy popcorn with hulls so tender they are considered "hulless"! No other popcorn tastes this good!
Try some, and you'll agree that Madison Park's Petite Maize is the best popcorn you've never tasted!

Great Gourmand Go-To: Try Madison Park's signature seasoning blends ... Bloody Mary ...Tuscan Verde ...
Citron Rouge ... Smoked Pepper & Salt ... and Colonial Tavern Seasoning on your next bowl!
Just sprinkle and toss with your Petite Maize for a savory signature gourmet treat!
For more information about non-GMO corn, visit
The unique taste combinations prepared by the Madison Park Foods spice team reflect the global palate of their customers,
who know that all spices are not created equal. Since Madison Park's celebrated popping seeds are considered
among the finest in the world, they had to ensure that this versatile variety of signature seasoning recipes were also the best
available. All natural, gluten- and allergen-free ingredients are sourced from growers and processors around the world – long-time
partners considered Madison Park friends and family for years – who share the Madison Park commitment to quality.
Taste-tested, lab-tested and top chef-tested ... From Citron Rouge ... to Tuscan Verde ... to Bloody Mary ...
to Colonial Tavern ... and Smoked Pepper & Salt ... pick your preference, and you can turn your bowl of Petite Maize Popcorn
into a savory signature gourmet treat! You can transform almost any ordinary snack into an extrordinary appetizer ...
or create authentic, genuine global flavors for any meal with these vibrant, flavor-packed blends.
Select and savor your favorite flavor any day of the week with Madison Park's unique savory seasoning blends!
Whether you are running ... or on the run ... or simply don't have time to make a
healthy snack, new nutTea is the perfect 100% organic nutrition and energy bar. Available in mouth-watering
Matcha Green Tea or yummy Yerba Mate with Cocoa flavors, each soft, chewy and delicious bar has only 3 to 4
premium plant-based ingredients: organic dates and cashews with Matcha Tea or Yerba Mate and organic cocoa
... 3g to 4g of fiber ... only 190 calories ... 6g of healthy unsaturated fats ... 4g to 5g of protein ... 600% to 1400%
more antioxidants than blueberries ... good-for-you polyphenols and flavenols from tea ... no added sugar, syrup or
nectar ... over 10 plant-based essential nutrients ... and 34 mg to 80 mg of natural caffeine from tea! Wow!
Ask your Life of Riley Representative for more on this amazing new bar and how to order.
Coconut Organics® was founded by two coconut fanatics who wanted to share the power of the coconut
with the world! Today, they are "The Coconut Company™" – an organic company singularly devoted to the
amazing coconut. One of man's first foods, the coconut is a nutrient-dense miracle that provides hydration,
minerals, electrolytes, good fat, probiotics, and soluble fiber ... Delicious and nutritious!

Snack happy with Coconut Organics, home of the original vegan organic coconut bacon – CocoBacon®
– a delicious snack food and vegan bacon alternative made from coconut chips with the smoky, savory and slightly
sweet satisfaction of real bacon! Also in the "Nature's Perfect Snack™" category, try Coconut Organics' Organic
Coconut Chips, a perfectly and naturally sweet, hearty, crunchy and genuinely satisfying high-energy snack
right out of the bag or sprinkled on your favorite foods ... and their Organic Dark Chocolate Coconut Chips, with
the rich, dark flavor of raw chocolate on perfectly toasted coconut chips – for the serious healthy chocolate lover!
Decadent, healthy, and full of flavor, Coconut Organics' naturally sweet Coconut Chips are lightly toasted,
not fried, and everything your most discerning customers want in a snack!

And ... in the "Sharing the Power of the Coconut with the World" category ... Try delicately flavored, raw,
cold-processed, extra virgin Coconut Organics Coconut Oil ... luscious, low-glycemic, vitamin-rich CocoNectar,
the syrup-like sweetener from the coconut blossom flower ... CocoBlends Chocolate Butter and
Thai, Italian and Jamaican gourmet infused raw coconut oils ... guilt-free, Gluten Free Coconut Pancake Mix ...
and, new to the Coconut Organics lineup, CocoSuds hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, multi-purpose
coconut-based soap! It's really great wet or dry! Ask your Life of Riley rep for more interesting information
and exciting news about Coconut Organics, "The Coconut Company."
The Life of Riley team is pleased to present these fabulous new Birmingham Chocolate's artisan all-natural 
and organic fine chocolate bars with generous gourmet inclusions to our East Coast retailers!

Did you know that the colorful anti-oxidant nut, the pistachio, was a favorite of the Queen of Sheba? Or that the first 
coffee beans were found in the mountains of Yemen and exported through the ancient port of "Mokha"?  
Did you know that the most superior varieties of European-born tart cherries were bred in Michigan?  
Or that another anti-oxidant-rich sweet treat, the All-American Blueberry, was the first cultivated by our Native Americans?

The folks at Birmingham Chocolate do ... And these are just a few of the tidbits that show the kind of thought – and heart – that goes into each carefully concocted and crafted piece of artisan chocolate they create! With delightful and delectable, all-natural and organic varieties of Birmingham's artisan Pistachio Cherry ... Cinnamon Espresso (!) ... Macadamia Nut Chai ... 
Goji Berry Lavender (!) ... Salted Toasted Coconut ... Chipotle Ginger ... and Blueberry Nibs bars ...

Birmingham's Artisan Bars are hand-crafted ... with Extra Bittersweet and Organique dark chocolates ... 
Cocoa beans from some of the finest growing regions in the world, and dreamy inclusions like cherries and berries ... 
coconut and lavender ... Blended to create a perfect bar with a dark, rich, smooth and creamy mouth feel, full-bodied, 
with a clean, fresh finish ... and the perfect combinations of delicately delicious unique flavor notes 
surrounding a heart of Birmingham's fine artisan dark chocolate.

All-natural ... Vegan ... Dairy-free ... gluten-free ... kosher ... non-GMO ... with no artificial ingredients, colorings or 
preservatives ... no MSG ... no high-fructose corn syrup, each artisan bar is made with heart by the folks at the Birmingham 
Chocolate Fine Chocolate Shop in the heart of America, in Birmingham, Michigan. With special Eco-Friendly packaging, these 
Birmingham small-batch breakup bars are convenient and clean, still in their individual molds, perfect for sharing ... or not!
Try these amazing new Birmingham Chocolate Artisan Bars today!

There's a story in every sip ... from the Golden Tea Leaf fields in the pristine hills of Taiwan ... to you ...
With Golden Tea Leaf's single origin, perfectly hand-crafted specialty gourmet teas, bliss is just one brew away!

Life of Riley is pleased to present these very special Golden Tea Leaf teas to our East Coast retailers ...
And they invite you to join them on a tea journey to taste and savor ...
Like many of you, the tea enthusiasts at Golden Tea Leaf have a singular passion for top quality, single origin, whole leaf teas.

They offer rare and fragrant teas like their North American Tea Championship Winners Honey Red Jade Tea –
 the inimitable, refreshing, fermented Taiwanese black tea, dark caramel in color, with a slight citrus flavor and sweet natural
honey fragrance that is created when the enzymes from the indigenous leafhopper interact with the tea leaves
– an incredible, very different and very enjoyable black tea!
... And their 1st Place Pine Oolong, the Golden Tea Leaf unique blend of two distinct types of mountain
Oolong that brews to a light melon yellow color, with a fabulous floral fragrance that lingers on after the last sip.
An extremely special but easygoing green tea, it's perfect for everyday drinking.

Golden Tea Leaf teas are hand-harvested and small batch processed to bring out the unique flavors and liquors.
And their proprietary processing methods give their teas an exclusive quality you can taste from the very first sip.
Golden Tea Leaf ... naturally grown and sustainably produced from their own fields in the lush hilly mountains in Taiwan.
Take the journey ... There's a story in every sip with Golden Tea Leaf's very special, singularly exceptional, single origin teas! 
Get a taste of Wyoming with all-natural hormone- and anti-biotic-free Angus beef from Wyoming Gourmet
Beef. Known for their gourmet Angus fine-dining-quality melt-in-your-mouth steaks-in-your-own-home,
Wyoming Gourmet Beef, with Life of Riley Marketing, now offers their great grab-n-go all-natural
Gourmet Angus Beef Sticks, Beef Strips & Beef Jerky to our East Coast retailers, made from
premium all-natural USDA Choice Angus sourced exclusively from a select group of Wyoming ranches ...
Generations of Wyoming's great ranchers who have worked hard to maintain our wide
open spaces and grasslands, from the Grand Titans of Jackson, to Cody's Heart Mountain,
the Big Horn Mountains of Sheridan, and the Snowy Range of Laramie ...

You'll taste the difference gourmet Angus from Wyoming makes with their
Cowboy Angus Strips in Old West original, Honey Jalapeňo, and Sweet Hickory flavors ...
All Natural Angus Premium Beef Sticks in Cowboy Hickory, Jalapeňo, and Garlic & Ginger ...
and Original, Peppered, and Honey Gourmet Angus Beef Jerky ...

One of the things that makes the Wyoming Gourmet Beef brand so special is owner David Fales,
whose great-grandparents, grandparents and 9-month-old father left Missouri to homestead in
Wyoming in 1918 ... as well as his company's devotion to preserving the rich Western heritage of the
state's ranching industry while also addressing consumers' concerns about the origin, quality, and safety
of their food ... and his team's adherence to the Code of the West / Ten Principles to Live By, including:
1) Live each day with courage ... 2) Take pride in your work ... 3) Always finish what you start ...
4) Do what has to be done ... 5) Be tough, but fair ... 6) When you make a promise, keep it ...
7) Ride for the brand ... 8) Talk less and say more ... 9) Remember that some things aren't for sale ...
and 10) Know where to draw the line ... Good advice, from the folks at Wyoming Gourmet Beef. 
Like many millennials, John McEachern considered soda a staple. Since childhood, it was always his favorite treat.
As an adult, he even spent a few years working for the second largest soft drink manufacturer on the planet.
But, as he became a bit older and wiser, and learned more about food and drink, the sodas
he once held dear began to hold far less appeal. He found the flavors boring and the recipes artificial ...
The brands no longer spoke to him.

He wasn't the only one. Studies show that soft drink category sales have been
 in decline due to these evolving consumer desires. The new healthier /
 better-for-you alternatives with natural ingredients are now more often
 preferred over their artificial-ingredient-laden counterparts. John thought,
 "I could make a better soda." So he figured he'd just craft his own ...

 He crafted the sort of soda he and his friends now wanted to drink – flavorful,
 natural and sophisticated ... Made with 60% fruit juice for a full, rich flavor ...
 Combining fruits with cool accent flavors for an elevated taste ...
Produced in small batches ... In five fantastic flavors, each with five ingredients or less ... Just the good stuff.

Try Just Craft Soda. Crafted with care, in small batches, by John and his team,
it's the kind of soda you want to drink today. With Peach & Habanero's sweet, up-front peach flavor
with a little bit of an habanero-burn crescendo on the back ... Lemon & Lemongrass,
with a clean, tart lemon flavor up front, finishing with a fun, fresh and bright citrus / floral twist ...
Apple & Ginger, a satisfyingly complex sweet treat, starting with fruity, floral red apple, and ending with
a nice peppery kick ... Pear & Vanilla's up-front sweet, creamy pear flavor,
dissolving into a smooth, rich finish on the back – just like a fruity cream soda ...
and Tangerine & Rhubarb – the new epitome of sweet and sour – with its sweet, tangy citrus up front,
cut with tart rhubarb at the end. Also a wonderful mixer, Just Craft is just the soda you want now.
Ask your Life of Riley Representative about this great new beverage line, distributor information and how to order.
And, "Thanks, John!" 
Blu-Dot Protein Tea celebrates life and this big blue dot in the sky we all live on with their
healthy and delicious, all-natural line of ready-to-drink fruit-infused green teas
packed with protein ... fiber ... antioxidants ... and goodness!

 Great-tasting, fruit-flavored green tea Blu-Dot Protein Tea is fortified
 with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber – that's as much protein as a
 scrambled egg and as much fiber as an apple! Gluten-free and Non-GMO,
 Blu-Dot is made with all natural ingredients, including high-purity New Zealand
 whey powder, making it the ideal recovery beverage after exercise,
 replacing lost fluids and providing nutrients to repair and
 rebuild muscles needed for optimal body function.
 Now, isn't that much better than those very-bad-for-you energy drinks?

The all-natural formula gives you a tasty and convenient low-calorie source of protein, with only 90 calories per
bottle and five fantastic flavors that blend perfectly brewed green tea with carefully chosen complimentary fruits!
Try revitalizing and refreshing Blu-Dot Cranberry Pomegranate ... Blueberry Acai, packing an all-natural,
thirst-quenching purple punch ... Orange Pineapple, with a burst of tropical goodness like a ray of sunshine ...
crisp, juicy and subtly sweet Apple Pear ... and Cherry Mango, a tantalizing combination of two more
of everyone's top favorite flavors in one delicious and nutritious Protein Tea beverage!

Available in 16 fluid ounce (473ml) single serve glass bottles, with 12 bottles per case,
112 cases per pallet,and a 15-month ambient shelf life. Ask your Life of Riley Representative
for distributor information and how to order yours today!
Nature's Best Kept Secret ... What is nature's best kept health food secret? Big question ...
Here's a small, easy answer: Tiger Nuts. Superfood Tiger nuts have actually been around for thousands of years,
they taste great, they're great for you ... and they are not really "nuts" at all.

 Long-time Spanish specialty and favorite European snack Tiger Nuts are actually tubers,
 grown like potatoes, with a sweet coconut taste. Each nut is a nutritional powerhouse,
 full of fiber. Gluten-free ... organic ... dairy-free ... soy-, grain-, seed- and nut-free ...
 allergen-free ... non-GMO ... Paleo Perfect ... high in fiber and low in calories and fats!
 We need more perfect snack foods like this for today's American lifestyle!

Enter Tiger Nuts from Tiger Nuts USA, imported from Spain, available by the 12-ounce and convenience-sized
5-ounce snack bags, and in the large, kilo, 2.2-pound box – for our real Tiger Nuts lovers – in fiber-full
 Raw Premium Organic and Supreme Peeled varieties, as well as healthy and versatile Tiger Nuts Flour, fabulous
for gluten-free, nut-free baking ... Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix, from power-packed Tiger Nuts Milk, for the most delicious
 and nutritious smoothies with a Mediterranean "horchata" flair ... and, a really special specialty and our new
 "Foodie Favorite," Raw Premium Organic, First Pressed Extra Virgin Tiger Nuts Oil – in a word, "amazing."

Get in on nature's best kept secret! Visit for more information,
and ask your Life of Riley Representative how to order these exciting new products!
Get ready for some Southern-style sauciness! There's nothing like these Anything Sauces ...
for everything ... brought to us by the Wide Open Food Company of Nashville! Foodie fans are convinced
that the divine flavors of these special Anything Sauces dropped straight out of Heaven!
What else can you say about this selection of authentic, all-natural, finger-licking sauces that you can
mix with ... dip with ... grill with ... marinate with ... saute with ... bake with ... baste with ... or basically
do anything with like a pro in your own kitchen! And they taste soooo good!

Try Original White BBQ Anything Sauce, the Wide Open take on the recently top-trending Alabama
 dipping sauce foodies are falling for, turning the unique yumminess of the dip into a true
Anything For Everything™ sauce! This delicious sauce is a perfectly natural substitute for mayonnaise
anytime and the go-to sauce if you would like to create your own unique flavors ...

Anything Wasabi, which is very mild, but still packs that "Wasabi wasssup"! It’s perfect as a marinade and
condiment for seafood, meat or poultry and great for salads and sauteéing, dipping and dunking ...
Creole Anything Sauce: the main ingredient that can turn any recipe into a fiery, authentic Louisiana dish,
with its "family secret" blend of ragin’ cajun spices perfect for seafood or chicken, casserole or crockpot,
adding real authentic flavor to your gumbo, jambalaya, or etoufee ...

Chipotle Anything Sauce for a true fiesta of flavor, with its perfect blend of smoky jalapeño spiciness
 adding some authentic Southwestern zing to your tacos, enchiladas, burritos, Mexican casseroles,
or your favorite quesadillas! Watch out, though, that delicious heat might just sneak up on ya! ...
Sweet Kick for the flavor of a Carolina Mustard BBQ transformed into Honey Mustard with a kick!
With a little sweet and a little heat, Sweet Kick makes for a mouth-watering marinade or a delectable dip – and a
delicious dollop or two of Sweet Kick will bring your coleslaw, potato salad, and deviled eggs to life ... and

Darn Good, the all natural Anything Sauce that is in a class by itself. Wide Open's tomato-based, perfectly
seasoned sauce is not particularly a BBQ sauce, or a ketchup, or a steak sauce, but –like a true Anything
sauce – it's just darn good on pretty much anything and everything, so no other name would do!

Also try Anything's Cajun Seafood Boil. With the Wide Open family secret blend of fiery Creole spices, it's a
seafood boil, a seasoning or a rub that will simply liven up any dish with the ragin’ Cajun flavors of Louisiana ... and

Creole Blackening Seasoning: the absolute best blackening seasoning in the French Quarters and beyond.
It's excellent as a dry rub to blacken fish, seafood, chicken or anything that is Creole-blackening worthy!
Also a great substitute for salt, try it on potato chips or popcorn!

Bring out your inner chef and design your own divine cooking creations with Anything Sauces and Seasonings!
Share your favorite recipes with the folks at Wide Open Food Company, and they may add you to
their Wide Open Cookbook! Ask your Life of Riley Representative for more information
on this great new line and how to order today! Just in time for summer BBQs! 
If you know anything about the natural products business, you've been hearing a lot lately about the amazing
healing powers of Turmeric, with the active ingredient curcumin. Google™ searches for trending Turmeric have
increased by 300% over the last five years, as people search for more and more ways to incorporate this powerful
anti-inflammatory spice into their everyday routines.1 Now you can enjoy the many benefits of Turmeric the easy
and delicious way with new Turmeric Teas from the good folks at Good Food For Good!

Turmeric is loaded with health benefits! Scientists have found more than 600 experimentally confirmed health
benefits of turmeric, including reduced inflammation; improved brain function; anti-oxidant effects; prevention and
treatment of cancer; stronger immune system; improved digestion; reduced risk of heart disease; reduced risk of
diabetes; treatment of heartburn, and prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease.2 Wow!

Turmeric Teas offer four delightful loose leaf tea blends featuring organic turmeric root – curated to help you
energize ... relax ... cool off ... or warm up – making integrating your turmeric as easy as drinking a warm cup of tea!
Try their DAWN | Chai Tea with Turmeric, an energizing organic loose leaf chai tea blend with
turmeric root for a flavorful blend of Assam tea with cinnamon, ginger, turmeric root, cardamom, and
black and pink pepper corns to help energize your day ...
DUSK | Lemongrass Tea with Turmeric, a calming organic lemongrass loose leaf tea with turmeric root
featuring a caffeine-free, delicious and smooth blend of lemongrass, ginger, turmeric root,
fennel, and black and pink pepper corns to help you relax and refresh ...
SUMMER | Peppermint Tea with Turmeric, a cooling organic peppermint loose leaf tea with turmeric root
creating a caffeine-free, refreshing blend of peppermint tea with turmeric root, fennel and a touch of
black pepper to cool off on a warm summer day or chill-out and unwind before bedtime ...
and WINTER | Ginger Tea with Turmeric, a warming organic ginger loose leaf tea with turmeric root
for a caffeine-free, warming and healing blend of ginger, cinnamon, turmeric root, licorice root,
and black pepper to keep you warm any time of the day or year ...

"BUY 1 FEED 1": Heal the body from within and help fight the world's hunger – one cup at a time – with Turmeric
Teas! For every purchase, Turmeric Teas and Good Food For Good donate a meal to someone in need.
Now that's what we call healthy, heartful, and healing! Ask your Life of Riley Representative how to order today!

1 Google Trends, February 2016 vs. February 2012, U.S
2 These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
​Everybody loves ketchup! But today's smart consumers don't love the refined sugars and preservatives that usually
come with it! Enter new GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD Ketchup, sweetened with organic dates ... not sugar!

With only one gram of sugar from naturally sweet and delicious organic dates, the folks at GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD have
created a ketchup that even kids love – and Moms and Dads approve of – that is good-for-you, and great for the whole family!

And – more good news – every purchase of GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD Ketchup helps feed a hungry child in need,
helping to make a difference, one meal at a time.

With every purchase, through their partnership with the Akshaya Patra Foundation, GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD provides
an underprivileged child with a healthy balanced meal they would otherwise have to work for. The meals are provided
in schools as an incentive for these children to continue their education, thus, supporting education while helping
to fight world hunger, as they aspire to help make good food accessible to everyone!

Retailers, help make the world a better place, and sweeten your condiment sales with GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD!
Today's health-conscious and planet-friendly consumers are looking to reduce their sugar consumption by
choosing products that are free from refined sugars.

Available in original Ketchup and Spicy Ketchup varieties, GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD artisan ketchup is
handmade in batches with 100% organic ingredients. Absolutely delicious, with fresh ripe tomatoes, dates,
apple cider vinegar, sea salt , onion, garlic, and spices – that's it – with a little cayenne pepper in the
Spicy Ketchup variety for those who like a robust flavor with a bit of a kick!

Do something good for your customers and for children in need around the world,
and order GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD today! 
Once upon a time in a small village in southern Italy, there lived a butcher who loved to make Beef Jerky.
His name was Franco, but to his family and friends he was known simply as “Pops.”
Pops experimented with different cuts of meats and seasonings and soon discovered
the sweetest and most tender cut for his Jerky: Brisket of Beef.
Although Brisket had never been used for Jerky before, Pops found it created a unique blend of flavor
and tenderness. His special Brisket Jerky was a hit and earned rave reviews for years ...
Now the tradition continues, as Pops' grandson brings this divine moist and tender
family recipe to market for you and your family to enjoy!
Succulent ... soft ... savory ... and sweet, Pops' Divine Bovine Gourmet Beef Jerky beloved family recipe –
with no MSG or nitrites – is now available for true Jerky lovers everywhere ...

Try Pops' delectable Original Divine Bovine unique recipe, drenched in a mild blend of savory spices,
with a hint of garlic and a light topping of black pepper ...
Spicy Jalapeno, for Pops' original savory flavor with exotic spicy jalapenos and an irresistible cayenne kick ...
pleasantly sweet Tangy Teriyaki, tastefully infused with a remarkable sauce capturing a light
Asian flair with an underlying herbal flavor ...
and Hot-N-Tangy Teriyaki, adding some hot and sultry flavor
to the original recipe, with the sweetness of pineapple and the fire of chili peppers ...
 Also try "gobblelicious" soft and savory Divine Bovine Turkey Jerky in the
Original, Spicy Jalapeno, Tangy Teriyaki, and Hot-N-Tangy Teriyaki varieties ...
and new Divine Swine Pork Jerky in Bangin' BBQ and Blazin' BBQ ...
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By now, you guys all know how great the mighty little Chia seed is ... And here's a fun way to get your Chia on!
Introducing Audrey's Chia Toppers – the new "chia-mazing" topping that tops anything!
Delicious and nutritious Audrey’s Chia Toppers make a heavenly, healthy, all-natural,
nutrition-packed addition to your ice cream, yogurt, hot or cold cereals, fruit dishes, desserts, and more!
And, in three great good-for-you flavors, there's something for everything and everyone ...

Try Dark Chocolate & Almond Chia Topper for that rich, dark chocolatey-almondy craving ...
Salted Caramel Chia Topper, for our sweet and salty lovers ...
and Tropical Fruit Chia Topper, with yummy dried papaya, pineapple, and mango added to the mix ...

But it's not all about fun with food. Chia seeds pack some very serious nutrition!
Theses tiny warriors were known to have been used thousands of years ago by the ancient
Mayans and Aztecs as their sole food source when traveling, providing increased
stamina, energy and complete nutritional sustenance for days!
"Rediscovered" in the '80s, Chia's incredible growth process sparked the "Chia Pet" craze,
but this finding revealed only a fraction of Chia's superpowers.

Today the mighty Chia is again in the spotlight. Some studies say these little Chia seeds are
so packed with protein, Omega 3s, fiber, antioxidants, alpha-linolenic acid and flavenols, and other nutrients,
that – ounce for ounce – they are the most nutritionally condensed complete food on the planet!

Studies show some amazing health benefits derived from just small amounts of Chia.
Small amounts of the tiny seeds can improve stamina and endurance, keeping you energized as they
contain niacin and thiamin, the sparkplug vitamins... help keep you hydrated, as they absorb 10 times
their weight in water ... help control blood sugar and stabilize glucose levels ... improve digestive health, with about 40% fiber ...
help decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol ...
The tiny "super-seeds" are known to be anti-inflammatories ... cancer fighters ... beauty and brain boosters ...

Sometimes the best things do come in small packages! So delicious and super-nutritious!
Visit www.Audreys Chia .com for more, and ask your Life of Riley Representative how to order today.