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Custom-labeled Ultimate Moisturizing Bars from the famous Ipswich Bay Soap Company!  With natural Ingredients containing dried herbs, natural oxides and ultramarines, pure essential oils and fragrances, the generous 4-ounce bars are made by hand and feature limitless custom label designs.  Choose from hundreds of designs or provide your own logo and photo.  
Print your store name or any message, or, choose from our selection of lovely gifts.

“In my forty years in this business, I have never had a product come along that actually did what the box said it would… until Eye Promise!”
- Nancy Lane, beauty editor from World News Syndicate.

Soy of Life's foundation for a youthful and beautiful complexion begins with Soy, the “smart moisturizer” that can selectively target
the needs of different types of skin and help skin cells rejuvenate, lecithin, known to help smooth out fine lines and prevent premature
aging, and the finest quality therapeutic grade essential oils of Rose, Neroli, Lavender and Frankincense 
to protect skin from within, keeping it looking youthful! 

From the facial collection, Face the Day! Nourishing Facial Cream promotes natural radiance ...
Soyweet Dreams! rejuvenates, renews and repairs skin overnight ... Defying Time Perfecting Facial Serum smoothes,
tightens and lifts ... Grace Your Face! 2-in-1 Cleanser & Toner refreshes, renews and revives ... The amazing Eye Promise!
All-in-One Perfecting Crème really does reduce dark circles and puffiness ... Soy Young! Under Eye Therapy reduces fine
lines and wrinkles ... and Soy-Liscious! SPF15 Lip Balm nourishes, soothes and protects. 

Also try Soy Shea! paraben-free Pure Hand & Body Butter ... It's the Balm! 100% natural Healing Balm ... and for travel and summer, 
Soyweet Relief! with catnip - 10x more effective than DEET - a natural solution for relief from insects.
Please note that the topical use of soy does not affect estrogen in the bloodstream.
Freedom ... freedom from harsh and harmful hair care ingredients. The balance of everything good for
your hair with no fragrance ... no parabens ... no dyes ... that's Synergy Hair Care!

Featuring the popular Synergy Silk line's gentle but highly concentrated Gluten Free Shampoo and Conditioner with
no wheat proteins, leaving all hair types fuller, shinier and more manageable – whether you're gluten-intolerant or not!

You'll also love the superb hold and styling versatility of the revolutionary and really-great-for-anything-and-everything
Synergy Finishing Spray, a UV-protectant, fast-drying hair spray that gives you all-day holding power under any conditions ...
resists humidity and controls static ... never builds up ... brushes or combs out easily ... also works as a spray gel (!) ...
and always leaves hair looking natural ... and the Synergy Moisture line, with Moisturizing Original
Synergy Lite Moisture Shampoo's gentle scalp conditioning to reduce static and build-up
and Synergy's Original Moisturizing Detangling Crème to restore moisture balance, body and bounce ...
Hypoallergenic never looked so good!
Welcome to the wonderful world of O My!™ ... Feed your skin with creamy goat's milk!
With a natural PH balance similar to that of our own skin’s, O My! Soaps'
perfected goat's milk recipes leave skin so supple, the healthy glow is noticeable by others!

O My! helps to soothe and protect skin while creating a luxurious lather with 50 of their signature
delicate-but-intoxicating fragrant flavors. A delicious assortment, including Caramel Macchiato's velvety
espresso foam ... bright and natural Green Tea & Lemongrass ... spicy-sweet blend Luck of the Irish ...
White Zinfandel's raspberries, currents, strawberries and rose petals ... Winter Wonderland's exhilarating
but cozy winter spices ... scrumptious Toasty Almond, a delightful treat for the senses ...
and many more, along with a silky Unscented variety.

Paraben Free ... Phosphate Free ... Sulfate Free ... Phthalate Free ... Palm Oil Free ... Gluten Free!
The enticing large O My! 6 oz., Minis and Travel-sized bars are packaged in biodegradable shrink wrap
that you can smell through! Also, you'll love 100% natural O My! Goat Milk Lip Balms for non-stop
natural, creamy moisture and sun protection with a dozen delectable flavors like Iced Mocha Coffee,
Juicy Pear, Vanilla Latte and Sangria ... And O My! Goat Milk Lotions, with raw, wholesome goat's milk,
in several fabulous O My! fragrances – natural, healthy "silk for your skin" ...

Experience the amazing all-natural cleaning action of powerful yet gentle O My! Goat Milk Laundry Soap (!)
And try O My! shaving products ... gift packs ... insect repellent ... and pet products (!) ... O My!
Ask your Life of Riley rep for the complete O My! catalogue and private labeling information.
Herself a daughter of the Australian Outback for a time, Kedie named this new line Allira Naturals –
Allira meaning "daughter" in the Aboriginal language – when her own daughter was born with extremely sensitive
skin, and she knew she had to develop a formula based on the powerful healing effects of nature's raw ingredients.

Putting her degrees in Health Science and Environmental Health to work, she developed the Allira
sensitive-skin system, with Nun•yara, meaning "made well again," a unique emollient-rich comforting bath scrub
that gently exfoliates as it moisturizes and soothes with her proprietary combination of Certified Organic Gluten-Free
Oatmeal, Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Cream Oil, and Brazilian Cupuacu Butter ... accompanied by the
vitamin- and nutrient-rich Tee•angi (Aboriginal, "earthy"), a nourishing body lotion that hydrates and softens the skin,
using nature's healing Aloe and Shea butter with ancient favorites Jojoba and Moroccan Argan oils ...

And now, Kedie and the team at Allira Naturals want to share these amazingly effective, wholesome skin care
products with you ... with their Nun•yara and Nun•yara BABY emollient-rich scrubs ...
and Tee•angi and Tee•angi BABY soothing and smoothing, antioxidant-rich lotion ...

Allira Natural's gentle, healing formulas contain organic, minimally processed, non-GMO, ECO-CERT and
COSMOS standard-approved ingredients. And although developed for sensitive skin, Allira is
perfect for all skin types ... Because, whether we like to admit it or not, we're all sensitive!

Allira Naturals also proudly donates to the 1% for the Planet foundation, dedicated to protecting and
conserving our fragile and beautiful planet – while protecting your fragile and beautiful skin. 

End that irritating, aggravating itch! From poison ivy ... poison oak or sumac ... insect bites ... eczema ...
sunburn ... and other skin rashes and irritations with all-natural End-Itch colloidal oatmeal itch relief
formulas! End-Itch safely stops itching for adults ... kids ... babies ... and pets (!) for
up to 10 hours with all natural, safe, instant, long-lasting itch relief!

The proprietary End-Itch combinations of premium colloidal oatmeal ... sea salts ...natural sweet
almond oil ... jojoba ... lanolin .... vitamin E ... beeswax ... and pure essential oils
provide instant and long-lasting relief for itchy skin, absorbing quickly and moisturizing as they
stop the itching and start the healing – leaving skin soft and supple.

Something for every body ... and safe for everybody! Try original End-Itch Cream, scented with
traces of pure lavender oil, in the 4 oz. jar ... cooling peppermint and grapefruit and
End-Itch For Sunburn in a 3 oz. tube ... soothing End-Itch For Eczema, with rosemary,
in the 3 oz. tube ... and End-Itch for Companion Pets and Horses, to safely treat
itching, hot spots, and dry skin conditions for animals!

Stop that itching! With all-natural ... biodegradable ... safe ... instant ... long-lasting itch relief!
End The Itch ... With End-Itch!
Trending favorite Fabulous Frannie was founded with a passion for creating the absolute best all-natural,
handcrafted and ethically sourced products to pamper the body, mind, and soul ... and help protect our environment.
Grandmother Frannie, the inspiration for the line, used to say, “If you want to be the best, you have to give your best.”
And that's exactly what the folks at Fabulous Frannie do. They savor the simplicity and honesty of
products made in small batches by people who really care about their creations and
enjoy making the natural lifestyle affordable, fun, and easy for you ...

Try their specially crafted, unique HBA creations, including their celebrated 100% pure Essential Oils and Essential
Oil Blends ... Carrier Oils and Roll-Ons ... Massage Spritz ... Herbal Soaps ... Bath Salts ... Soy Wax Melties ...
Candles ... Lip Balms ... Cleaning Products (!) ... their Rugged Riley (no, not that Riley :-) ... ) Beard Oil,
Beard Wax, Shave Soap and After Shave no-fuss personal care stuff for guys (!) ... and more!

Fall in love with Frannie's fabulous essential oils and blends now available in a variety of Kits and Sets,
including seasonal specials First Aid Kits ... Back-To-School ... and Attention & Concentration ...
their Rugged Riley Dopp Kits ... Frannie's Favorites ... Aromatherapy Sets ... and
dozens of other collections and formulations, hand-picked and handcrafted to perfection!
Ask your Life of Riley Representative for a complete catalogue, or visit

Essential Oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils. No additives, fillers, bases or carriers added. These high quality oils are excellent for aromatherapy, skin and hair care,
bathing and other cleaning. All oils are packaged in dark amber glass bottles with euro-style dropper cap.
Fall in love with Definitive Rose Skincare, and rejuvenate ... rehydrate ... repair ... revitalize
your skin with the timeless, idyllic power of the iconic symbol of beauty – the rose.
"Engineered by Nature," the Definitive Rose line presents a truly thoughtful selection of
remarkable rose- and plant-based, all-natural formulas for women and men
designed to produce verifiable anti-aging results.
Look and feel your best inside and out with rose petals, rose water, rosehip oil, and the highest grade
plant-based ingredients and perfectly selected organic and wildcrafted herbs available ... and
no parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances or other harmful ingredients.
Try Definitive Rose rich, anti-aging Facial Cream with Rose and Chamomile ...
soothing Facial Cream with Rose and Calendula ... revitalizing Definitive Rose Eye Cream ... gentle exfoliant
Facial Polish ... nutrient-rich Facial Cleanser ... nourishing Facial Mask ... hydrating, refreshing Facial Toner ...
potent, age-defying Rejuvenating Facial Serum with hyaluronic acid ... and healing Anti-Inflammatory Facial Serum
for sensitive skin issues ... fragrant, fast-acting Rose Jasmin Body Lotion ... and, specifically for the guys,
the overnight moisture and anti-aging assistance of Definitive Rose Skincare for Men Moisturizer
and super-hydrating neroli-scented Body Lotion for Men round out an exquisite collection.
Trust nature and the perfect power of the rose to deliver verifiable anti-aging results, and try
Definitive Rose today. Ask your Life of Riley Marketing Representative for details and how to order. 
Be your most beautiful self – your best slim self – with Brazilian Belle.
You know that their popular, as-seen-on-TV "model's secret" web sensation Brazilian Slimming Tea really works ...
And now you can try their remarkable new Brazilian Belle Spa Series professional-results-at-home body wraps!
These super-popular Brazilian weight-loss teas – and the new Brazilian Belle Body Wraps
 – have their own success stories and proven results, beginning with gorgeous California
 model, mom and web wonder woman, Brazilian Belle founder Georgy Ann Carabetta.
Not a fan of starvation diets, she says, "I love to eat – and look good. I prefer natural
 over chemicals, and results over hype." When she wanted to lose weight, she discovered
 the special Brazilian tea blend recipe used for decades in the modeling industry
 for its proven ability to melt fat and promote overall wellness. Now, she and
her team have developed the Brazilian Belle Spa Series collection of Volcanic Clay Body Wraps.

Lose belly fat fast and see firmer, smoother skin! Brazilian Belle's new Spa Volcanic Clay Body Wraps help
your body heal from the inside out with volcanic ash bentonite clay to eliminate toxins and impurities ...
reduce water retention ... tone loose skin ... reduce the appearance of stretch marks ... and act as a
natural cellulite treatment – with NO harsh chemicals to irritate your skin. If your goal is weight loss,
Brazilian Belle Body Wraps can help you to lose inches faster than diet or exercise alone,
help you stay on track with your body goals and keep you motivated and satisfied as you move forward!

"We're all beautiful in our own unique way," says Georgy Ann. "Our mission is to help you break free, lose weight
and reveal your natural hidden beauty." Also try Brazilian Belle's "model's secret" Brazilian Slimming Tea,
Bikini Body and Lemontox Detox Teas ... and reveal your most beautiful self!
Buyers, ask your Life of Riley Representative for details.
Welcome to a wonderful world of fun and friendship for young ladies of all ages with new Roxy Grace and Company's
signature-scented and -styled all-natural handmade bath and beauty products that make
gorgeous gifts for everyone from little girls to grandmas and great everyday personal indulgences!
Deliciously fresh scents and fun, colorful designs create a truly unique and exciting line featuring
all-natural handmade bath products, body butters, lips balms, bath bombs and truffles (!) and the fun and fabulous
Roxy Grace Do-It-Yourself Kits designed to teach young girls that it's good to give and its good to be good to yourself
with all-natural beauty products, by creating their own Roxy lip balms, bath bombs and body butters.

Try the new Roxy Grace signature collections, with their clear and clean, gentle and good-for-you Body Wash to
energize and invigorate a tired body and mind ... Bath Salts, with the Roxy Grace special blend of all-natural
Himalayan, Dead Sea, and Epsom salts ... their luscious Body Scrub, featuring hydrating coconut oil ...
Roxy Bath Bombs: nourishing balls of goodness made with all-natural everything ... gentle and nourishing Bar Soap,
with no chemicals or colors, leaving your skin feeling clean and cared-for ... Body Butter, in a pure, creamy good-for-you
formula that can be used anywhere on the body ... and Body Lotion, a creamy yet lightweight lotion featuring
the "ah-mazing" signature Roxy Grace scents to de-stress by, including the #Hot Collection, with a generous warming
infusion of cinnamon bark essential oils ... the #Juicy Collection's fruity and grapefruit-y natural antidepressant properties ...
the #Frisky Collection, with its sweet 'n feisty, energizing orange scent ... the sunny, lemony
#Fresh Collection, for a healthy and happy bod and mind ... and the #Chillout Collection's therapeutic-grade
lavender essential oil, folded into these must-have velvety bath and body indulgences ...

And that's not all! Fresh, fun and the absolute cutest Roxy Grace Bath Bombs and Gift Sets with ... Bath Bomb Stars ...
Bath Bomb Hearts ... Bath Bomb Flowers ... Bath Bomb Confetti ... Bath Bomb Cupcakes (!) ... and Bath Bomb Ice Cream
Cones (!) Try luscious Roxy Grace Lip Balm in tons of flavors that smell and taste amazing for irresistibly kissable lips ...
 their yummy, ultra-luxe Lip Scrub with jojoba oil, organic cane sugar, and shea butter... natural, chemical-free
#Freakyclean Hand Sanitizer and #BiteMe Bug Spray ... The Cape Cod Collection's Seashell Soaps ...
Sea Salt Scrub ... Bath Bomb Cranberries and Truffles ... and more!

And our young Roxy girls can unleash their inner beauty guru with the Roxy Grace Do It Yourself Kits featuring
the DIY Whipped Body Butter Kit ... DIY Lip Balm Kit ... DIY Bath Bomb Kit ... DIY Body Scrub Kit ...
DIY Sugar Scrub Cube Kit and amazing Party Kit, all great for parties or "just because," offering
a fun and easy way for girls to learn about all-natural ingredients while creating and sharing smiles - with Roxy Grace.
For more about Roxy Grace and the Roxy Grace Kindness Club, visit
Virginia First Tea Farm was founded on the belief that nature's way is the best way, and so they joined the small but
growing ranks of American tea farmers and focused their selections to include a very special variety of their own
 personal care and cleaning products that harness the naturally healthy and potent power of green tea.

The experts at Virginia First Tea Farm know that this liquid gold and its restorative qualities should not be confined only to
our kitchens and tea cups, as they bring the little leaf with big benefits into the rest of your home. Green tea's antiviral,
antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, along with its much-touted natural antioxidants, enrich our skin and
hair with unique nourishment and vitality and naturally and powerfully help keep our personal environment clean.

Unchon Ramos remembers her mother used to put green tea leaves in the water when washing her hair as a girl in
South Korea. These family roots, along with the study of the little leaf's numerous benefits to the body and the best
age-old growing methods from the Asian masters – as well as the rapidly growing popularity of all things tea
here in the U.S. – led the Ramos family to start farming tea and make beautiful, thoughtful, luxurious-but-earth-friendly,
all-natural tea-infused soaps, shampoos, body washes and detergents with teas grown right here in Virginia.

Try Virginia First Tea Farm's exquisite soaps in fabulous flavors including the Virginia First Tea Farm original
Green Tea Soap ... Lavender & Green Tea ... Rose ... Cocoa Butter & Green Tea ... Cucumber ... Sweet Almond ...
their amazing Black Tea Soap and special Scalp Renewal Soap ... Jasmine & Green Tea ... Rosemary & Green Tea ...
and Rosemary Peppermint Green Tea, all infused with the goodness of their homegrown teas, with all-natural ingredients
from local farmers, fruit and vegetables for color, and other good stuff like olive oil, almond oil, fine essential oils and vitamin C!
Also try their amazing all-in-one Shampoo & Conditioner with green and black teas ... Castile Body Wash, with
"Green Tea Essence" extracted from natural green tea leaves ... Virginia First Tea Farm non-toxic and biodegradable
Dish Soap, made from 100% plant sources, including green tea, and formulated to be gentle on your skin ...
and Natural Laundry Detergent, made with green tea and plant extracts, and lightly scented with tea essential oils ...
Ask your Life of Riley Representative how to order.