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New for 2015! Introducing Coco Natural Air Freshener ... a natural, non-toxic, fragrance-free and extremely effective 
air freshener made from 100% premium coconut shell activated carbon! Incredible new, natural Coco absorbs the
toughest odors – from smoke, pets, mustiness – bacteria, pollutants, allergens and harmful chemicals, 
as it dehumidifies and helps prevent excess moisture, mold, and mildew.  
Coconut shell activated carbon has been scientifically proven to reduce harmful chemicals including formaldehyde, 
ammonia, benzene and chloroform gases from paint, carpeting, furniture, chemical cleaners, rubber and plastic.
Natural Coco's unique premium packaging makes it ideal for use in any environment.  
And, by using natural materials, Coco is the most sustainable way to freshen indoor air.
Ideal for use anywhere! At home ... in the kitchen ... the fridge ... closets ... the nursery ... the office
... laundry rooms ... bathrooms ... basements ... pet places ... automobiles ... garage.  
You name the place, and you freshen the air with Coco Power!
In a variety of sizes and package configurations. Biodegradable and recyclable. Lasts at least one year.

Life of Riley Marketing is pleased to present to our East Coast retailers HeadEase, an exciting,
natural acupressure alternative that alleviates headaches and pain!
The two stainless steel HeadEase rings are placed to apply pressure
on the hands' "Hegu" acupressure points to reduce or alleviate primary headaches
or any head pain affiliated with conditions such as toothaches, earaches and
temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), among others.
Created by an acupuncturist, revolutionary HeadEase is based on the principles involving
the “Qi” / "chi" / energy flowing through the human body, aiming to remove energy
blockages so that the body returns to a normal flow and can maintain wellness.
Relax body and mind ... De-stress with HeadEase! Just like pain, stress results from energy stagnation, and
HeadEase use also relieves stress, providing some much-needed relaxation in today’s fast-paced world.
Keep energy flowing freely and try four HeadEase rings on hands and feet, opening "The Four Gates,"
powerfully and effectively moving energy throughout the body!
HeadEase is available in Small, Medium and Large and will fit hands of all sizes.
Each package includes one set of HeadEase rings.
Try HeadEase ... The original drug-free, all-natural alternative to head pain!
It's simple. Change your candle, change your air. The folks at Pure Plant Home have known for a long time that
ingredients matter. From soil to candle, the mindful journey begins ... The all-plant-derived Pure Plant Home
aromas and candles are created and crafted by those with the knowledge, experience, wisdom and
passion to produce the most exceptional coconut wax candles available.

“I have always embraced a mind, body, spirit approach to life that includes positive thinking, kindness and intuitive guidance for
conscious living,” says Tina Rocca, known as "THE Healthy Living Expert" and creator of Pure Plant Home. She founded Aroma
Naturals Candles in the 1990s, later sold to Yankee Candle as the top manufacturer of handcrafted pure aromatherapy candles.

Now, she and her team are making candles again with Pure Plant Home and her exceptional all plant-derived
coconut wax candle recipes, featuring extraordinary blends of real essential oils that are extracted from citrus fruits and
steam distilled from the best plants, herbs and flowers. Aromatherapeutic Coconut Wax Candles that can change your life.
Including her signature scents, like Mandarin Orange & Lemongrass, with revitalizing but calming orange and refreshing,
energetic lemongrass for pure joy and happiness ... Lavender and Orange Blossom, relaxing and soothing in any
stressful environment ... Italian Bergamot & Persian Lime, a positive energy blend to help those of us who are
stressed re-enter the world in uplifted balance ... Clove, Cardamom & Vanilla, also good for stress, with cardamom
used in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda for thousands of years ... Wildcrafted French Lavender, steam distilled,
wildcrafted, pure and yummy French Lavender ... and her special menu of seasonal favorites.

Try the exclusive Pure Plant Home Coconut Wax collection, in beautifully gift-boxed 6 oz. Glass varieties ...
Everyone' favorite large 7 oz. and small 3.1 oz. Amber Apothecary Jars ...
Classic Medium Gold Tins, popular, in a 4.4 oz. size, and 3 oz. Small Silver Tins perfect for travel
and a little "just because" ... Pretty, perfect Poured Glass Votives and Votive 6-packs ... Spectacular
Soy Vegetable Blend 13 oz. Pillars ... and special Speckled Gold Glass and Recycled Glass holiday and seasonal
selections. Ask your Life of Riley Representative for details on this exclusive collection. 
We have some very hip friends who help keep us abreast of the latest tech toys and trinkets ...
So, it's no wonder the self-described "bunch of techies who like to bring the coolest gadgets to the world"
have gotten us into the latest trend: Fidget Spinners.

LED Spinners ... Arrow Spinners ... Heart Spinners ... Tri-Spinners ... Bi-Spinners ... Be-dazzled ... Camo
... Metal Rings ... Ball Bearing ... Flowers ... Fire Wheels ... Dollar Signs ... Fan Spinners ...Metal ...
Plastic ... Chrome ... Steel ... and more! The hottest Spinners of the season!
We've got them all, with your choice of displays.

But, it's not all fun and games. Proven stress-relievers, Fidget Spinners help us focus by allowing
ourselves to fidget. They are believed to help PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) as well as
ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and other anxiety- and focus-related conditions.
And studies have shown that this type of physical movement can assist with
cognitive activities, helping you think and express yourself.

Have fun ... focus ... make friends ... with Fidget Spinners the trediest trend this season ...
The fun way to funnel your focus!