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The only homeopathic formula adjusted each year to combat the current season’s flu viruses! 
Developed by top naturopathic physician Dr. Steve Nenninger – with influenzinum … select homeopathics targeting the 2014-2015 influenza viruses, per current CDC*, WHO* and patient data … and  targeted immune-strengthening components. 
A wonderful, natural choice for flu prevention and treatment!

Sprout RevolutionTM proprietary Sprouted Flax by PuraVida truly is revolutionary! 
Flaxseed, traditionally, has been commercially available only as a raw seed, milled seed or cold-pressed oil … until now!
The patented process used by PuraVida changes flax from an essentially indigestible seed to a naturally activated
functional food! The patented sprouting process – the beginning of the growing process – naturally increases the 
antioxidant content, protecting the polyunsaturated fats from oxidation and naturally stabilizing the essential fatty acids.  
Unlike other flax products, sprouted flax powder is shelf stable at room temperature for over two years 
after opening. And, Sprout Revolution Flax, available in three tasty flavors, is a "live" food
– suitable for raw diets – keeping enzymes intact for optimum health!  
Make Sprout Revolution a part of your daily diet for better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.

​             Let New York Times best-selling author and anti-aging expert Dr. Don Colbert, M.D. help you 
live a longer and healthier life with his clear and comprehensive advice on staying young by aging well 
and his popular proprietary Divine Health Supremefood formulas ... 
Dr. Colbert's Divine Health Fermented Green Supremefood powder provides more than  
25 organic vegetables ... digestive enzymes ... probiotics ... and vitamin-rich grasses, giving you greater 
 levels of bioavailable nutrients in an easily digestible form, restoring bacterial balance, and helping to 
 strengthen and support the overall immune system ... While his Red Supremefood features nine of 
 your most important organic fruits in a delicious fruit and berry flavored blend, including acai ... pineapple ... 
pomegranate ... cranberry ... acerola cherry ... raspberry ... beet ... and apple, with Dr. Colbert's special 
 enzyme and organic fiber blends, providing a power-packed punch of antioxidants and polyphenols to lend  
support against degenerative disease, support cadiovascular health, and offer free radical defense. 
  If you are looking for a product that will support vitality, rejuvenation and optimal well-being ... 
 Look to the experts ... With Dr. Colbert's Divine Health Green and Red Supremefoods! 
Available in 30-day supplies of original Fermented Green Supremefood ... new, unsweetened Green Supreme ... 
and Red Supreme formulas ... All Certified USDA Organic! Ask your Life of Riley Representative for details.   
The folks at im·bue botanicals believe that maintaining the all-important chain of custody
on their product – from seed to the final consumer – is of critical importance to providing an exceptional quality product.
They grow and process all of their products right here in Colorado, in the agriculturally rich San Luis Valley,
at the planet's altitude and latitude perfect for growing their highly refined hemp cultivars.

Their corporate “Earth First” approach to business and consumer wellbeing is fundamental to all that they do in
providing the finest hemp-based CBD tinctures, capsules, lotions and balms for people and pets. It means they
never use pesticides or harmful chemicals in growing or processing ... they always use organic, non-GMO,
and Vegan ingredients ... and package their products in beautiful, but fully recyclable materials.

With nearly three decades of experience, the founders of im·bue are passionate about utilizing their expertise and know-how
to deliver exclusive, proprietary products envisioned to provide outstanding results. They carefully formulate for optimal
concentrations. Their unique, low pressure / low temperature processing ensures that the product is fully-infused –
what they call "Full Spectrum" – designed to provide outstanding benefits. And, all of their products are
batch-tested by independent laboratories prior to shipment to ensure quality and consistency.

Their proprietary, easy-to-use one ounce liquid tinctures – 40mg im·bue™ health, delivering a maintainence dose of
Full Spectrum CBD ... im·bue™ vitality, 100mg, for those instances when a higher level of CBD is desired ...
and im·bue™ elevated, 250mg, providing our highest dose of Full Spectrum CBD –
And their exclusive im·bue™ health5 ... health10 ... and health25 vegan capsules, providing the same
proprietary Full Spectrum formulation in a convenient capsule form.

And the brilliant im·bue™ em·body line-up of proprietary, premium topical lotions, salves and balms can
provide exceptional comfort and restore vitality with Full Spectrum CBD, essential oils and natural ingredients like
rosemary, mint and infused arnica flowers. Try im·bue™ em·bodyPremium CBD Lotion in the 200mg / 4-ounce and the
400mg / 8-ounce-sized glass pump-dispenser bottles ... the proprietary im·bue™ em·body
Premium CBD Salve (it really works for pain!) in the convenient 200mg / 2-ounce jar and the 400mg / 4-ounce jar ...
and the new, carefully crafted, organic im·bue™ em·body Cool Peppermint Premium Lip Balm, pepperminty-good,
with intense natural flavor, perfect for pocket or purse, and packed with 25mg of powerful, healing CBD and
other essential oils to help naturally restore, relieve and protect even the driest chapped lips.

Planet, people and pets! The health needs of our beloved four-legged friends are not forgotten by the folks at im·bue.
They offer a full line of all-natural CBD products designed to aid dogs and cats with their own special needs and help keep them
in optimum health with their premium im·bue™ k9capsules in 10mg for larger breeds and 5mg for smaller breeds ...
40mg k9comfort Liquid, for all breeds ... new, soothing, moisturizing im·bue™ k9comfort Nose Balm ...
and 5mg, vegan im·bue™ kittycapsules and 20mg kittycomfort liquid for our feline friends!
This exciting proprietary line is now available to our East Coast retailers! Ask your Life of Riley Representative how to order! 
At Three Feather Farms, premium Echinacea has always been their primary focus. Through years of
growing the finest commercial Canadian Echinacea crops, nurturing the industry, conducting extensive scientific testing
and advanced research, the folks at Three Feather have evolved a highly effective proprietary method of production
 - from controlled growing to specialized blending and filtering techniques - with their preeminent
Echinacea angustifolia tincture creations carefully managed and totally under their control every step of the way!

Devotees refer to the "Three Feather Tingle," in reference to the noticeably unique taste reflecting the potency of the
active compounds in the special, medicinally superior Echinacea plants propagated at Three Feather Farms.
They have fine-tuned every aspect of their formulas in order to draw out the most desirable active compounds from
their Echinacea angustifolia pure root and whole plant blends. This precise and time-consuming process
provides consistent results in their Echinacea extracts and tinctures, and, of course, to maintain
their high standards for quality and efficacy, every lot is very carefully tested.

Try the Three Feather Original Formula, originator of the signature "tingle face," to cure what ails you ...
Three Feather special blends, "The Boost," Rhodiola Echinacea, to support cognitive function, mental focus, stamina
and your immune system ... "The Rhodi" Rhodiola Rosea, shown to help energy, aging memory, focus,
cognition and stamina ... "The Schuan," the Three Feather Echinacea Sichuan special blend with Sichuan Pepper
for advanced immunal support with antioxidants ... and peppermint-flavored, travel-sized,
25ml Three Feather Guardian, to guard your immune system when you're on-the-go!
Visit for more on the Three Feather proprietary Echinacea production methods,
or ask your Life of Riley Representative for more information and how to order! 
Take a Whole Body approach to wellness, with the professional-strength, plant-based Nutritional Supplements,
Digestive Enzymes, Systemic Enzymes and Probiotics from Theramedix BioSET!

Here's how it works, guys: The digestive and metabolic, or systemic, enzymes in our bodies are
either manufactured by the body or introduced in the foods we eat. And their quantity and quality
can be adversely impacted by inadequate and imbalanced nutrition within our diets, physical and mental
strain, genetics, illness, medications / pharmaceuticals, environmental factors, and age.
A distressed gastrointestinal system sends signals to a concerned brain and vice versa,
as both of these systems work to regulate your immune system. This stress on the immune system
causes it to over react, which can lead to weakened immune functions, various sensitivities,
allergic reactions, chronic conditions and illness.

Get your health trek on track with Theramedix BioSET!
Get started today with the complete choice of Theramedix BioSET plant-based Digestive Enzyme
supplements created through their proprietary Thera-Blend™ manufacturing process, combining multiple
strains of the major enzyme groups to work across the variety of GI pH levels, including Gastro Calm, Gastro
Soothe and special formulas to aid in the digestion of gluten, carbs, fats, proteins,sugars and starches ...

Their thoughtful, comprehensive selection of Systemic Enzyme supplements designed and formulated to work
throughout every system and organ of your body – from cardiovascular and immunity to respiratory and
reproductive – to help build overall health and maintain healthy functioning of every cell ...
The very best "good bacteria" Probiotics – formulated for men, women and kids – to break down nutrients
and help put all of you back in balance ...
And Natural Herbal Supplements to complement your detoxification,
enzyme, nutrition, and reset therapies.

The experts at Theramedix BioSET encourage you to learn all you can about nutritional supplements and natural
remedies so you can make better choices about which ones are right for you. The better you understand the
science behind the product, the more you can appreciate the standards to which they hold themselves in
formulating and manufacturing the health supplements in their superior line.
For more information on enzyme therapy and the complete Theramedix BioSET line,
ask your Life of Riley Representative or visit 
When choosing supplement lines to bring to our buyers, we at Life of Riley Marketing look for products
that are of the highest quality, that are truly natural and safe with no harmful additives −
and that will make a real difference in the lives of the consumers who trust them.
CBDPure from Denmark checks all these boxes and more.

We know that your customers are hearing a lot about CBD and CBD products lately, and they are
eager to learn more about them: That's because they work! Scientists continue to study the
positive effects of CBD, including management of stress levels and promotion of a healthy state of mind,
restoration of balance to the endocannabinoid (EC) system, and the support of general
health and wellness when used as a dietary component.

Just in case you are not quite sure about how to explain CBD just yet, this is how it works:
CBD contains naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD), which is one of many cannabinoids found in hemp.
These specific cannabinoids bind the cannabinoid receptor sites found in the human body and make up the
endocannabinoid (EC) system. The EC system is an integral part of natural human physiology and is
responsible for multiple physiological and mental processes that naturally occur. Unlike synthetic
pharmaceutical drugs, cannabis oil and related cannabinoids have no known toxicity level, and
their health benefits come without negative side effects.

CBDPure follows very strict manufacturing guidelines and stringent quality control protocols to provide the
highest quality CBD product available on the market. Your customers deserve the best for their health, and
CBDPure ensures that their products meet the purity standards and quality that today's most discerning
health-conscious and planet-friendly consumers demand. 

Intelligence Tree Botanicals extracts for brain health deliver the complex yet subtle wisdom of nature in its best
and truest form, combining the ancient herbal traditions of India with western medicine and today's technology.

From farm to table, with their own organically farmed select herbs and spices, Intelligence Tree Botanicals
brings us the best brain food for our health-conscious and planet-friendly consumers to help you energize ...
focus ... remember ... and relax as you deal with the daily pressures of modern life.

The herbalists, scientists, farmers, and engineers at Intelligence Tree - through the efforts of NuAxom Bioscience
here in the U.S. and parent-company India's prestigious Nisarga Biotech Group - are focused on bringing a powerful
new idea to the world, embracing the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda and the vision of ultra-modern technology.

With their "Rasayana" balanced-herbal, condition-specific approach beneficial for all body types, they have
developed a proprietary full spectrum process that gently extracts the complete array of phytonutrients using a
combination of supercritical CO2 and hydrophilic extractions. This process delivers a complete signature of the
herb in its pure but concentrated form, using no chemical solvents or high heat, thus ensuring optimal stability and a
complete profile of compounds, just as nature intended. This new holistic extraction process allows for
better absorption and a more complete and consistent activity in the body.

 NuMemory + Take control of the future you and try NuMemory + daily - a patented memory formula
 with placebo-controlled, double-blind, human clinical trials already completed - to support healthy memory!
NuEnergy Your days are longer than 5 hours so your energy supplement should last all day!
 Intelligence Tree NuEnergy contains no stimulants like caffeine and is more than just a quick fix.
NuroFocus The original brain formula with phase one and phase two, human clinical trials already
 completed on it, patented NuroFocus is a fantastic addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle when calm focus
 is important for you and your family.
NuRelax Relaxation and sleep never happened more naturally! The all natural NuRelax formula's select
 herbs have been used for thousands of years to safely achieve a state of relaxation help with healthy