Product research and development consulting – from idea to market …
● Understand the culture ● Hear the voice of your customer ● Collect accurate and useful field data ● Design “real-world” customer requirements into your product
● Identify issues before they cost you time and money
Customers want our products before we even walk through the door …
● Broker your lines and manage your brokers ● Manage retail communication 
● Encourage customer feedback ● Monitor store-level product satisfaction 
Even if presentations are impromptu and spontaneous, we’re ready for them …
● Stay abreast of trends and issues ● Realize knowledge breeds confidence – the
secret ingredient ● Recognize ad hoc presentation opportunities ● Create top-notch
sales collaterals and utilize technology
A singular focus on the customer creates powerful strategic advantages …
● Build a bridge of knowledge ● Recognize vital marketing information ● Create
powerful strategic and competitive advantages ● Implement marketing strategy and
product revisions expediently
We’ll help you determine how your message will make the best impact …
● Develop the creative new idea that perfectly defines you and your product ● Create
a comprehensive media plan or just design and place an ad in your local newspaper
● Local, national and trade media placement and relations ● Media kit development
Positive visual impact and quality of design is key … Compelling designs will be
noticed and remembered.
● Logo design, branding, packaging and collateral design 
● Brochures, catalogues and newsletters 
● Flyers, sell sheets and posters ● POP advertising and trade show booth graphics
We can work with what you have, add to it, or start from scratch …
● Consult with you on your marketing and advertising needs, wants and budget – and
help you make it happen ● Design an entire campaign or assist you with any variety of
individual projects ● Maintain an integrated approach to all your marketing and
business communications
Technology is cool, but people are cooler …
● Website design ● Web pages and presentations ● Personalized target marketing 
and sophisticated customer relationships ● Internet communication programs
●Social media integration 
We treat your products as if they were our own …
● Direct-to-store and/or distributor based sales representation 
● Day-to-day customer service management ● Product placement and order taking ● Marketing communications management
Promotional events … trade shows … in-store demos … provide profitable
selling environments.
● Industry expo / trade show involvement ● State-of-the-art virtual trade shows 
● In-store event programs and demos ● Sampling and new item introductions
Location … logistics … layout …
● Product introductions / retail product selection and coordination ● Layout / flow / floor plan / displays ● Décor /motif / environment ● Communications, events andcustomer loyalty programs
Comprehensive territory development and vigilant territory management …
● Coordinate in-store and out-of-store marketing support 
● Facilitate promotions and deals 
● Help maintain stock requirements, as well as regularly scheduled retail orders
● Manage new product rollouts and continuous territory expansion